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FS Associates serves as a bridge between the United States and Europe as well as Asia in the active exchange of investment management expertise.

Established in 1988, FS Associates has an intimate understanding of American, European and Asian cultures, coupled with experience, knowledge and intuition developed over four decades in the investment business. This facilitates a successful outcome for our clients, as they venture into new or unfamiliar territory. All our activities serve the international investment management community. They center on finding the best talent for a particular task or mandate and are enhanced by our unique worldwide cultural perspective.

FS Associates is engaged in two different business activities:

Investment Manager Search and Evaluation

We provide expertise in assessing traditional money managers.  We use our proprietary database of money management boutiques to help institutional investors fill specific mandates. Many of these managers are smaller boutiques, up and coming firms not broadly known to the consulting community.

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Strategic Business Consulting to Money Managers

We help money management firms in their cross-border business development strategy, working with clients primarily in the United States, Europe, and Asia who are looking to expand their business activities to attract clients in new markets.

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